We're part of the Worthy Brewfest in Springfield, MA!

W00t! Come and try Wario's Wheat — an American Wheat, from 12:00-2:00pm! This one is 7.3% and 38 IBU!

Red Potion

1.049  OG
1.011  FG
65  IBU
5%  ABV

Mega Breakfast Stout was brewed for Culture & Cocktails, a fantastic event in Springfield, MA. The beer is jet black and close to 8% ABV, making this a perfect power-up.

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Enjoyed by friends, family, and approved acquaintances.


On tap at Valley Fest! A tropical IPA that's as pleasing as lightning on the final lap.
2nd Place: Worthy Craft Beer Showcase (2015).


Another classic German style. Brewed, lagered, and able to refill energy tanks.


Brewed for the Worthy Craft Beer Showcase. A hoppy red ale that will stop that "low hearts" beeping.

Von Kaiser Altbier

Classic German style. Brewed, lagered, and enjoyed in and out of the ring.


Robust coffee and chocolate flavor and aroma. Perfect for gamer fatigue and "breakfast for dinner".
4th Place: Culture & Cocktails (2014).

DK's Coffee
Barrel Stout

Big coffee and bourbon flavor and aroma. These coffee beans were aged in bourbon barrel before roasting!
4th Place: Culture & Cocktails (2015).


About All of This

We're only home brewers, so nothing is for sale. Like NES cartridges though, we'll trade beer with you; We're always down with that. We like talking about hop varieties, IBUs, power-ups, and boss battles.

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